Ko Samui, Thailand


August 16-20, 2016

Sawadika! Hello from Thailand. Fresh off the plane from Cambodia with the in-laws in tow, we’re here to spend a few days relaxing. We did A LOT of walking, hiking, and climbing in Siem Reap, and now our only agenda is Mai Tai’s on the beach.

Ko Samui, Thailand, Beach
Mai Tai Time

That being said, this will be a short post and a quick read. And no bathing suit pictures, I promise.

Ko Samui is an island in the Gulf of Thailand, known for it’s beaches and infamous full moon parties. Coincidentally, it was a full moon while we were there, but given the company, we didn’t make it out. (I blame it on the in-laws but really, I’m just old and like to be in bed at a certain time.)

The five of us stayed in an Airbnb which was perfect– we had a private compound with an infinity pool overlooking breathtaking views of the beaches and mountainous rain forests. When traveling throughout Southeast Asia, I cannot recommend Airbnb enough. You can find some truly unique gems! And I don’t get paid by Airbnb, I’m just a happy customer and want you to have a great time too 🙂

Ko Samui, Thailand
View from our pool

There are handfuls of beautiful beaches on the island. We spent a day at Choeng Mon beach, which was highly recommended by the locals. They said it’s not too crowded with tourists, but there are still plenty of places for food, drinks, and of course, Thai massages.

Choeng Mon, Beach, Thailand, Ko Samui
Sun, sand, cool waves, cold drinks. Perfect!

The beach really was a nice oasis. There were very few people on the beach and we had our pick of shady spots to relax under. As always, the people are super attentive and quick to bring out more drinks.

The five of us ventured to the night market one evening. It’s pretty touristy, but well worth a visit. The market is held along the popular streets lined with established restaurants and shops, and more deals can be found among the pop up vendors. The food steals the show, as Thai food will always take the spotlight, and rightfully so. Foodies can find ice cream, local delights, potato spirals, bugs!, and a food truck hawking American burgers if you need something more familiar.

The crowd bustles along under the bright lights and sounds of the market. You can almost hear the ocean waves over the sound of scooters and horns.

And now, for the grand finale (and the reason why I didn’t share any swimsuit pics), THE FOOD!  The five of us enjoyed an edible tour of Thailand at a few of the local restaurants, but we most enjoyed having someone come to our Airbnb and cook for us. Not only was it super cheap, it was also incredibly fresh. She would ask us what we would like the night before, make a list, and go to the market first thing in the morning to buy the ingredients. Nothing is better than a home-cooked meal!

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With food this good and a private pool with stunning views, who can blame us for not leaving?! While I didn’t do Ko Samui justice because there are so many other things to see and do, Ko Samui was alright by us.

Until next time, happy travels!