Bali, Indonesia (Part II)

November 17-20, 2016


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This is us.

Yessssss, the day is finally here and Leslie and her boyfriend Ben have made it to the other side of the world, all the way from Nashville, Tennessee! Chris and I showed them around Singapore for a few days before heading off to Bali.

Our  first trip to Bali (see the post here) was a more relaxed tour of the northern part of the island for diving and a few days of heaven in central Bali in Ubud.

This trip, we wanted more bars, beaches, and nightlife so we landed on Seminyak, in the southern part of Bali. When your best friend comes to town you need to party!

First thing on our agenda? Food! After doing a little research, Moonlite Kitchen and Bar was just what we were looking for– top rated food and sunset views. I can’t recommend this place enough! The food is fresh and expertly prepared, the service is great, the view is even better. And a full bar never hurts. Well, maybe the next morning…

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We made it back to our villa, fat and happy (and a little drunk). We found Arama Riverside Luxury Villas on AirBnb, and it was the perfect combination of location, amenities, and privacy.

The private villa was just far enough off the main road to be peaceful, but a quick walk down an alley to get to the main strip. One morning on a walk to the beach, we hear chickens squawking from the alleyway. We walk out and right across the street the locals are engaged in a cock fight! Crazy, I know!! And yes, I understand this is something highly frowned upon in western culture, but when in Rome…

The morning after Moonlite most of us slept in, but Chris made it out for some diving. He went to Nusa Dua beach with a local guide. While he really enjoyed it, he says the diving in Tulamben is better. Nusa Dua was very crowded with other divers, and the conditions made the water murky and visibility less than ideal. Still, Chris got to feed the fish and pay homage underwater!

The rest of us lounged around the villa, ordered room service, and floated around the pool all day. It was some much needed rest and relaxation! By nightfall, we were hungry so we followed the road along the river and arrived at the Nakula night market. This one is smaller and much more local. You won’t find any touristy shops or souvenirs, but you will find a delicious restaurant called Warung 24-7.

As with everything in Bali, the seafood is as fresh as can be. At Warung 24-7, most of their best dishes are grilled. I suggest you go with the house specialty which is copious amounts of fresh grilled seafood for 2! And they all go well with ice cold beers and coconuts!

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The second day, we had a lot more energy. We walked from the villa to Legian beach, stopping for some cold beverages along the way (did I mention it was really HOT?). Legian beach was paradise. It’s always terrible when you finally get to the beach and it’s so crowded there’s no room for you. But I can promise you, that wasn’t the case here. The four of us quickly found some beach chairs under an umbrella. And before long, someone was coming to ask if we would like some food and drink. Why, yes, please!

After some time spent here, we made a group decision to walk up the beach. Destination: Potato Head Beach Club. It’s a healthy distance away from our current location, so we started the trek but made a couple stops along the way. The entire beach was serene, with shade and food options whenever you wanted them. We stopped for a break in the KuDeTa Club area. We didn’t go in, but were nearby for reference.

Not like the walk was terrible or anything (at all) but we were happily rewarded at the end of the journey! Potato Head Beach Club lives up to it’s reputation. The place has everything. Everything! Private pool, several bars, lounging areas, beach toys, food, and music. I recommend a reservation if you can. The four of us were able to find a table, but it took some scouring, patience, and a little luck.

It was hard not to stay here and party the night away! While tempting, after a long hot day at the beach and a lot of walking, we were ready to get out of our swimsuits and wash off the sand. Vacation life is so difficult! After several rounds of perfect Sangria, some snacks, and a picturesque sunset, we went back to the villa to get cleaned up.

And you know what we did from there? Eat. I’m sure you are shocked! On our walk to the night market before, we stumbled across an interesting phenomenon. A restaurant whose kitchen is in a shipping container with quite the name– Pork Star.

If you’re in the area, Pork Star is a really great place to try! It’s a nice break from Balinese seafood and other traditional dishes after a few days. While the kitchen is in the shipping container, customer seating is inside a two-story building. The BBQ here is top notch! Sweet, tangy, and expertly cooked.

The magic of Bali can be found island-wide. However, each area has its own vibe. The southern region of Kuta, Seminyak, and Legian beaches are certainly more touristy and surfer oriented. If you’re looking for a robust night life and clubs to dance the night away, this is for you! For a quieter experience, you may want to check out some of the spots from the first post about Bali, or even some of the neighboring islands if you really want some seclusion. Regardless, you can’t go wrong when surrounded by salty beach air!


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