Singapore: The Beginning

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hello everyone!

img_0001Chris and Jenn recently moved to Singapore. Well, Chris is already there. I’m Jenn, and currently I’m sitting through an Orlando summer rainstorm setting up this blog. While I wait for my new passport (we just got married, hooray!) and search for jobs in our new home country, I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce us and the adventure we’re about to embark on.


We want all our friends and family to be able to follow along. Chris and I miss you all very much, and we wouldn’t be able to do things like this without a strong, loving network to make it possible. We’d love to take all of you with us, but since technology hasn’t evolved to teleportation¬†just yet, at least we have the internet to stay connected. However, we do hope you will all be able to visit us!

For those of you who perhaps just stumbled upon this blog, welcome! We’ll let our friends and family tell you about us in the comments if you ask. Trust me, they’re a vocal group and you’d rather hear from them than me. To cover the basics, Chris accepted a job in Singapore and is just getting situated in his new, very tiny, apartment. I hope to be joining him very soon! (In a slightly larger apartment.)

That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned for more pictures and stories. We’ll be sure to post all the great places we visit, the adventurous foods we try, and the strangers we befriend along the way.

Chris and Jenn