Singapore Digs

Friday, November 6, 2015

Hello there! We are all settled in to our new apartment in Singapore. Sorry for the delay in posting like I promised; part of settling in was getting a coffee pot. Now that we have one, I can sit down and focus on the blog.

Let’s start with the apartment! It’s a nice apartment away from the expat community– we are getting the true Singapore experience. We’re within walking distance to the bus stop and nearly any type of food you can think of– Italian, Mexican, German, Australian, Thai, Indian, Malay, Korean, Japanese, American, etc. It’s all here. Nearly every US fast food chain is here as well, but none are located within walking distance.

Chris managed to find the most Irish place on the whole damn island– St. Patrick’s Loft. We love it!

Many of you have been asking to see our place, so let’s get the tour started!

Here is the entry way when you walk in:

The door straight ahead is the entrance. To the left is a bedroom, and on the right (not pictured) is a large storage room.

The kitchen is just off to the left of the mirror…

It’s a small, narrow kitchen, but it’s more expensive to cook meals at home rather than eat out, so we’re not too concerned. Plus, this seems to be where I keep finding geckos, so the wildlife can have the kitchen. I’ve been told it’s good luck to find them, but when they scare the $#!* out of me I don’t feel all that lucky…

We have a large living room and dining room area, including the world’s most uncomfortable built-in couch (it’s just a bench), which is why we have a little camping area set up đŸ™‚ Don’t judge, we’re not fancy.

Yes, that’s a drying rack in the living room. We don’t have a clothes dryer as many places here do not. The wash machine is off the kitchen, outside on a small balcony built just for the machine.

We have a really nice balcony just off the living room. Once I get a job, maybe we’ll put some chairs out there to enjoy the view. Night time is really the only time it’s comfortable enough to sit out there due to the heat (and sometimes very poor air conditions).

Our view! True city living.

Next, let’s go upstairs– a winding staircase leads to another bedroom, bathroom, and the master bedroom.


The second bedroom is straight ahead; bathroom on the left, and master on the right.
Here is the yet-to-be-furnished second bedroom:
The windows in that bedroom look down to the elevator area.
And now we end up in the master bedroom!
We have another balcony off the bedroom. This one is slightly smaller. We keep the curtains closed most of the time so the sun doesn’t cook the house. Did I mention it’s hot here? Even Florida can’t compare…
It was difficult to get a picture of the master bath, and really, who wants to see a toilet? For those of you who were familiar with the toilets in our Orlando home, you’ll be glad to know we still have two buttons to press to flush. Singapore buys it’s water from Malaysia, so conservation is a big deal here.
We look forward to hosting guests soon!
Happy Friday– we’re off to drink some beer and eat some frogs!