Honeymoon in Phuket, Thailand

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hello there! Chris and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season with family and friends. It’s been a little hectic here in Singapore, but I am finally getting around to share our honeymoon pictures from Thailand. We took 600 pictures between the two of us!

Many people were surprised to hear we were spending a week (A WEEK!) in Phuket. “You’ll get bored,” they said. “There’s not enough to keep you busy for 7 days,” they warned. As honeymooners looking for a relaxing and unhurried getaway, we found a week to be perfect.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that we stayed at the most perfect place in Phuket, Villa Zolitude. Tucked away in the lush mountain treetops, Villa Zolitude is a slice of heaven. The staff were incredible and took care of everything for us– from meals, to massages, transport, and tips on what to see and do. A short tuk-tuk ride from the front desk to our villa…

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The Villa

Our private villa for the week. Yep, 7 days here just to ourselves!
Upstairs we enjoyed an al fresco dining area, big comfy bed, an over-sized tub, a rejuvenating shower, and views of the mountains and ocean.
Downstairs we had a day room, lounge area to relax, outdoor shower, and the best part? Our own private pool!
Day and Night. We could have spent a lot more than 7 nights…
Our palace for the week.

The Spa

The spa at Villa Zolitude is pure bliss. When we weren’t relaxing in our room, we were relaxing at the spa. For very reasonable rates, we were able to enjoy Thai massages, aroma massages, and a soothing body scrub. The staff were truly magical! They greet you with a cold beverage and cool towel before leading you down the hall to the open-air massage room. After your treatment they give you a delicious cup of ginger tea and allow you more time to relax by the bubbling pond.

Chris peeking around the corner in his favorite new outfit before the first massage. I love this on him! My Thai man needs a Mai Thai.

The Food

We enjoyed breakfast at the resort each morning. They had a little bit of everything– fruit, rice, sushi, sausage, waffles, eggs and omelettes, fresh juice, salad, you name it! We had a few Thai staples as well, such as Pad Thai, Pad Woonsen, and other varieties of noodles. All delicious! Chris and I ventured out into the local markets and found some tasty items. And some we did not enjoy. Like chicken feet. We were duped, I swear…. You can get just about anything to go with chicken feet. Any part of a pig, fresh seafood, insects, pancakes, potato spirals on a stick, fish balls, fresh coconuts.

The making of a Thai pancake. Pineapple, Nutella, condensed milk, and enough butter to kill a horse.
Some fresh seafood at the market. Crabs, lobsters, and prawns as big as your arm!
Also from the market– we tried the spicy crab, pad thai, and tom yum fried rice. Very good! So fresh!
Beachfront bar and grill…
Pineapple fried rice. In a pineapple!
A Mai Thai for each of us. When in Rome…
When we asked, they said it was pork and chicken in the bags (in the coffee mugs here). They DID NOT say it was chicken feet and pork “bits”. You can leave out the details OR the gross animal parts, but not both. Can’t go wrong with a Singha beer.
Chris enjoyed a fried potato spiral on a stick. Like a never-ending french fry and just as tasty. I’m eating turkey balls.
Candlelight dinner on our last night there. Food was great and the company was better. Bottle of red wine, leg of lamb, and desert…
Fried banana fritters and the most handsome man in the world!
Also, the most excited man.

The Adventure

Despite looking like we ate and lounged around the whole time, Chris and I found plenty to keep us busy. In addition to the local markets, we took a stroll to the top of a mountain where a HUGE Buddha is near completion. The sunset from the top was incredible.
The REALLY Big Buddha.
Chris and I hanging around Buddha.
From the top you can see the beaches, mountains, and surrounding islands.
And two tourists.

Beaches, Snorkeling, and Sunsets

Nai Harn Beach

We spent nearly all day here. It was gorgeous! The beach wasn’t too crowded and featured something quite unique– a fresh water stream that feeds into the salty waters of the ocean. The people watching was top-notch, always a favorite activity to pair with a cold beer and a Mai Thai or several. There were stray dogs everywhere along the sidewalk. I may have adopted one for the duration of the sunset…which was beautiful. It was a little cloudy at dusk, but the sunset surely did not disappoint.
Nai Harn Beach, Phuket
Nai Harn at Sunset
That’s the spot!
Where the fresh water flows into the ocean.

The Phi Phi Islands

One day we took an island hopping tour through the Andaman Sea with Tour By U. We highly recommend them– our tour guide Tuk was incredible. Chris and I saw some of the most beautiful places you can imagine. Or, if you’ve seen the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio, you don’t have to imagine. One of the stops on our tour brought us there, to Maya Bay. Stunning! The waters were warm and a crystal clear turquoise. We had several stops for swimming, snorkeling, and eating along Phi Phi Ley and Phi Phi Don. There were tons of fish, who really like to eat bananas! I tried feeding them but it kind of hurt as they all want a bite of banana but your hands and fingers get in the way of their tiny mouths. Chris being a manly man had no problem.
Top: Maya Bay
Bottom: Monkey Beach. You can’t go on land because the monkeys rule the island.
Left: A monkey enjoying a Coke.
Right: Boats in Maya Bay
Top: Chris feeding the wildlife
Middle: Look who’s having a great time!
Bottom: The coral reefs were amazing!

Back to Singapore

After a week in paradise, we had to come back to Singapore. We have many more places to explore in Thailand and Asia! While we look forward to collecting more passport stamps, we had a fabulous time eating, drinking, and swimming among tigers, elephants, monkeys, and tourists in Phuket.


See you next time, Phuket!