Singaporean Cloud Forest

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hello everyone! Apologies for the delay in posts. I have a real job now, so not as much time to share our journey here in Singapore.

A few months ago we spent the afternoon at the Cloud Forest in Singapore.

This crazy looking dome is home to the Cloud Forest near Marina Bay Sands

It’s a really cool place– and I really mean cool. On a hot afternoon, you will feel a chill here!

Meant to mimic the cloud forests in various parts of the world, the Cloud Forest attraction is a misty dome filled with fauna and flora from nine different climate zones.

The entrance and the tallest indoor waterfall in the world

There are multiple levels to explore. Each one tells the story of how the cloud forests came to be, their impact on earth’s ecosystem, and what preventable threats the forests are currently facing.

Foggy cloud forests support clean air, wildlife diversity, and COFFEE plantations. Yes, COFFEE. If you didn’t take the looming environmental threat seriously before, perhaps the threat to this magic bean will change your mind. Among the many things produced in the world’s cloud forests, some of the best coffee is produced in these regions.

As you explore each level, there is information about vegetation, rocks and minerals, and more. The Cloud Forest is a really beautiful place to visit.

Below, you can see the three towers of Marina Bay Sands when peeking out from behind the waterfall.

Nature vs. Man
Venus fly traps! Feeeeed me Seymour!
A Flower Tower!
A gift from Mother Nature and a Tiki Man in the mist
Don’t look down! View from the top of the waterfall. An old wooden tree about diversity.
These alligators were soooo lazy. I think they’re stoned.
Monkey family in a boat
Dangerous jungle man caught by surprise (my monkey family)

There’s a neighboring dome to the Cloud Forest– it’s called the Flower Dome. And it’s really boring. It looks like it would be just as cool from the outside, but inside it’s mostly trees, and not a huge variety. I love trees and I was disappointed. We visited before Christmas and the smell of the Christmas trees was a nice treat!

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals

C + J